Website Design for Off Goldsmiths



Off Goldsmiths is a collective portfolio of Goldsmiths University art students and Politics Department resident artist, John Reardon.

I've worked with John before on his personal portfolio so from the start we knew how to collaborate efficiently. We also already had a vision in mind for Off Goldsmiths and how it will synergize with his personal profile as an artist and a teacher.

Works for this project included website design, web development, and lots of image editing.

Website was launched on the Goldsmiths College open-days in June 2019 and was well received by artists involved and the audience.


Similarly to Reardons' personal website, Off Goldsmiths had  to  be developed entirely remotely. We also had to make sure the design shares the aesthetics and ease of use with

Also in this project I was initially overwhelmed by the number of projects to include (over 70!) and amount of media attached to each work. Gathered and organised in folders content required good amount of image editing, optimising PDF files and couple rounds of reviews to achieve desired results.


I already had an idea of how John envisions this website when we started. Thanks to our past collaboration we've managed to quickly get through couple iterations of the website and attained wanted outcome.

The sound documentation of all works and great amount of media enabled  creating comprehensive catalogue including all the projects details, photos and links.


Off Goldsmiths website was launched on 22nd of June  2019, during the open-days of Goldsmiths College and was well received by artists involved and the audience.


  • Tailor-made, responsive website design
  • Image editing, PDF optimisation
  • Domain email address and contact form setup
  • Coded using HTML 5 and CSS on WordPress platform